I have been programming in C++ for over 20 years and have been doing a bit of everything in my free time and professional career. Examples: computer vision, computer graphics, performance optimization, networking, OS bootloader, JPEG decoder, GUI desktop applications, gameplay, crash handlers, HTTP file server, HTTP downloader, e-shop desktop client, command-line applications, etc.

My main interests are computer graphics and game technology in general. Most of what I've done cannot be shown because it was either done for work or not released as open source.


From work:



CPMA, my all-time favorite video game, is a competitive mod for Quake III Arena that first shipped in 2000 and CNQ3 is the official engine for it. It first shipped in 2006.

I have taken over their development in late 2016 with the blessing of their past two project leaders. Many bug fixes and improvements have made it in since, such as: